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F. Baez-Muriel.

Built That offers as much or as little design work as you need.


Millwork is the defined as ready-made carpentry work from a mill. That being said, all of the cabinets, counters, moldings, and woodwork in your house is in great hands with Built That. No matter how simple or intricate you want these to be, we have the talent to make your drerams come true. There isn't a limit to what is obtainable in form and function with woodworking. Built That is here for you.

Take a look at our Gallery for some sample work - just a taste of what we can do. Our Projects page will introduce you to some of the more unique perspectives on construction. The Bio page can give you a bit of personal background on us. Built That is confident that you will be happy you chose us for your project.

Simple. Faster. Efficient.

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